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Something to dress up a dining area, this dining nook took on a Tuscany feel to coordinate with the kitchen area.  With the simple window treatment and clean lines, this grape vine softened and rounded the stark window.

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The client of this dining room wanted the painting done on the ceiling.   I told her I was not Michael Angelo.  She insisted this was not the Sistine Chapel!  So I agreed to do it.  (I will do scaffolding next time so I can lie down while painting!)  She had already painted the spruce green area in the center of her ceiling.  After discussing the project, she added the brown stain accent to soften the edges a bit.  When I completed the vines and flowers, she completed the project with molding trim painted a deep red to coordinate with the rest of her trim in this room.  The end result was stunning.

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Even small town restaurants can be enhanced by a little decorative painting.  In this case, I worked for food!

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